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Ernest Hemingway "Don't be afraid....Taste everything, Sis....Sometimes I think we only half live over here. The Italians live all the way."

These are the words of the young Ernest Hemingway to his sister Marcelline, on offering her a bottle of liqueur he had brought home from Italy, following his tour as a volunteer ambulance driver for the Red Cross in World War I -- a tour, by the way, which ended when he took a nasty shrapnel wound in the leg. But this is also the creed by which Hemingway lived for the rest of his days, as he sought to "taste everything' and to "live all the way" for forty more adventurous, creative years. Hemingway boxed, he ran with the bulls in Pamplona, he hunted lion and buffalo on the Serengeti Plain, he fished for trout in Idaho and marlin off Cuba, he skied, boated, survived a car wreck in London, a hurricane at Key West, two plane crashes in Africa. And of course he wrote, not only some of the century's greatest novels and short stories, told in a simple, brutally honest voice which revolutionized modern literature; but he also dashed off hundreds of articles and dispatches from every war he could get himself assigned to, making him the most famous and daring war correspondent of his time.

In the many facets of his personality, Hemingway epitomizes the kind of character which Plato saw playing the Artisan role in society, which Galen named the Sanguine or excitable temperament, and which Myers regarded as the SP or opportunistic type. Myers, remember, had her SPs as artistic besides being adaptable, athletic, easy going, factual, joyful, mechanically skilled, open-minded, persuasive, realistic, sensuous, sophisticated, tolerant, and unprejudiced.

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