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Personality Test

If you would like to professionally administer the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II), you may do so by opening a KTS-II Administrator account. Opening an Administrator account enables you to administer the KTS-II to individuals and teams (i.e. your clients, your team, your organization, your family & friends, etc) in a private web session, customized to your specific application and needs. As an Administrator, you gain more control and options for the KTS-II administration versus having your clients take the Sorter individually through our general public website. Your KTS-II Administrator account offers the following features and benefits:

Administrator Privileges

Track and View Results. As a KTS-II Administrator, you have the ability to track and view each person’s results when they take the KTS-II through a session in your account. You can manage results for individuals, multiple teams, or for entire organizations. Your KTS-II Administrator account is hosted on our secure web servers, giving you access to your results at any time, without the need to purchase or install any software.

Group Discount Rates. As a KTS-II Administrator, you may pre-purchase report credits at discounted group rates. You have the option to purchase as many, or as few, report credits as you wish, and the ability to distribute them to whomever, and whenever, you wish. You may track used and unused report credits through your KTS-II Administrator account.

Access to Professional Reports. As a KTS-II Administrator, you have access to reports geared to professionals, teams, and large organizations. These reports are only offered through a KTS-II Administrator, and are not available to individual consumers who take the KTS-II through our general public website. These include the Corporate Temperament Report, Team Temperament Report, Organizational Analysis Reports, Customized Temperament Reports, and professional Power Point Presentation materials.

Enhanced Experience for KTS-II Participants

Customization for Your Needs. As a KTS-II Administrator you have the ability to customize your clients’ experience through customizable features including: A custom URL web link with your company logo prominently placed on the web link; custom welcome and completion messages for your participants’ KTS-II session; the ability to turn on/off report access for your participants; the ability to receive email notifications whenever your participants take the KTS-II.

Available 24/7 for Participants. As a KTS-II Administrator, your participants can take the KTS-II 24 hours a day, in a secure online environment. This allows you and your participants the flexibility to take the KTS-II at any time from any location that has a connection to the Internet. Scoring the results for the KTS-II happens automatically through our online system, and reports are generated instantaneously.

The Best-Fit Online® Process. As a KTS-II Administrator, you will be able to administer the Keirsey Temperament Sorter-II to individuals and take advantage of our proprietary Best-Fit Online process to ensure greater precision of results for each of your participants taking the KTS-II. The Best-Fit Online process generates additional questions for people who score close to the mid point on any given scale category. This patent pending automated self verification process is only available to those who deliver the KTS-II in sessions administered on our Administrator Platform.

You can open up a KTS-II Administrator account as either a Registered KTS-II Administrator or a Certified KTS-II Administrator. To become a Registered KTS-II Administrator, simply contact us, and your account can be set up within 24 hours. No training is required to open a Registered KTS-II Administrator account.

To become a Certified KTS-II Administrator, you must complete the Temperament Certification program. Certified KTS-II Administrators have access to our world class instructors, receive an additional 10% discount above Registered KTS-II Administrators, and are eligible to be a part of our reseller program. For information on account set up fees, and pricing for reports, click here to download. For information on the Temperament Certification, click here.


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