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Getting Along With Your Roommate
Part 1: Guardian Roommates
By The College Advisor

Guardian roommates tend to develop routines and are the most likely of all personality types to want their room to have some kind of "norm." Some are fussier than others about their environment and may drive other types crazy trying to keep up with their standards of neatness.

If neatness is a bone of contention, set up some space boundaries - yours, mine, and ours. Each person gets to keep their own part of the room the way that is comfortable for them. Work out a minimum level of neatness for shared spaces - such as always keeping pathways cleared of clothes, books, and other stuff. If your roommate is having guests over and can't stand your unmade bed, let him/her make it. He can stuff your clothes in the closet. But your books and papers need to be off limits.

Guardian Supervisors (ESTJ) sometimes come across as bossy. They naturally take charge. In areas where you don't care, it is fine to let them take charge, but be sure to let them know which areas are your territory. They'll respect you more if you stand up for yourself. They also prefer to know the limits.

Guardian Inspectors (ISTJ) need their quiet time, so if you are a gabber, be sure to get out of your shared space for long gab fests. They also can be perfectionistic about their things. Leave their stuff alone!

Guardian Providers (ESFJ) are quite social and like to play host/hostess. They are usually well-liked. But if you're the quiet type or the highly intellectual type, their niceness and hospitality may grate on you. Find an outside environment that suits you to get some relief.

Guardian Protectors (ISFJ) see their living space as their home and will work industriously to keep it to some desired standard. Don't be surprised if they pick up after you. If you take too much advantage of them, they will see themselves as a martyr, so work out an agreement you both can live with.

For Guardians living with Guardians, it usually works out well unless you have differing "norms" about your environment. If this is the case, talk them out until you design something that works.

For Artisans living with Guardians, your main conflict will be over work vs. play. If you're lucky, you'll learn something from their work ethic and you will lighten up their life when you get them to play.

For Idealists living with Guardians, your main bone of contention will be over differing values. For conflicting values, you'll need to do some talking, but if you can't agree, you'll need to find a way to cool it, or eventually both move on to a new roommate.

For Rationals living with Guardians, you'll have a better understanding of the Supervisor or Inspector Guardian than you will of the Provider or Protector. If your roommate is one of the latter two, learning to appreciate their talents will broaden your ability to get along in the world. After all, there are many more Guardians than Rationals.


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