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Getting Along With Your Roommate
Part 2: Artisan Roommates
By The College Advisor

Artisan roommates can be lots of fun because they add spontaneity and immediacy to life. They really dislike boredom so are often very active people who love to experience the variety that life has to offer.

Artisans vary in so many ways that it is hard to predict them - and that's the way they like it. Some can be incredibly messy, and then go on a neatness kick. Others get rowdy to blow off steam, and then settle down for a very serious streak. Artisans can get highly emotional, then chillingly rational. So it is best to take them as they are and enjoy the ride.

ESTP Artisan Promoters are often ringleaders of fun. They like people to be upbeat and energetic. They can be laid-back, but when they take charge, they expect everyone to jump to it and get things done. So when they start barking orders, either obey or LEAVE.

ISTP Artisan Crafters are the typical strong, silent type - even the females. They do not like sharing their emotions so don't try pushing into that area. When they go to work at something they are like a well-aimed projectile. So GET OUT OF THEIR WAY.

ESFP Artisan Performers love the social life and are best friends or good buddies. They believe that life should be a party and need this positive spark in their life. In fact, if they aren't allowed to have some fun, they find it more and more difficult to settle down to study.

ISFP Artisan Composers have a strong aesthetic streak. They can become very irritated if their environment - either physical or emotional - seems ugly to them. If you are their roommate, try to solve any issues quickly. Let them win whenever possible for a happier mutual existence.

For Guardians living with Artisans, if you're the type that has to have everything scheduled, you might find the Artisan's spontaneous style somewhat stressful. Plan what you can for yourself, but leave room for your roommate to be spontaneous.

For Artisans living with Artisans, usually you will get along well since you have a similar style. But even the care-free style of another Artisan can sometimes grate, so give each other plenty of space to do your own thing and cultivate other friends.

For Idealists living with Artisans, things will likely work well unless you have a strong conflict in values. See if you can resolve them or agree to silently disagree. Artisans live in the now, so your Idealistic pushing toward the future may backfire with them.

For Rationals living with Artisans, David Keirsey says that scratch a Rational and you will find an Artisan. You are both of a pragmatic and independent streak. Rationals will better understand the Artisan Promoter and Crafter than they will the Performer and Composer. As long as you respect the differing skills of your Artisan roommate, you are likely to have a good relationship.


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