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Getting Along With Your Roommate
Part 3: Idealist Roommates
By The College Advisor

Idealist roommates are usually very interested in their roommates and like to form a personal bond. They are very interested in helping others to grow and to be the best that they can be.

Idealists can get emotionally down if they sense that their roommate doesn't like them. It is best to find at least a few common interests the roommates share so the experience to be positive. When bonding is strong, Idealists often become a friend for life.

ENFJ Idealist Teachers generally prefer to have an opportunity to lead in a cooperative way. When the roommate bonding is reasonable, they usually look for some kind of balance where each individual gets to call some shots. When the bonding doesn't work, they may come across as pushy.

INFJ Idealist Counselors can become very close to their roommates, but they also need some private time and space. If the roommate bonding is negative, Counselors usually retreat to their own space and remain somewhat aloof.

ENFP Idealist Champions have a need to taste, touch, smell, and explore the world as much as possible. They are not likely to sit quietly in their room. They want a roommate with an upbeat attitude. If the roommate wants to go exploring with them - great - but if not, they'll go off on their own.

INFP Idealist Healers are the most sensitive to rejection of all of the Idealist types. As long as the roommate relationship is reasonably positive, they can be enjoyable roommates. But if the atmosphere becomes negatively charged, they suffer a lot of damage and can strike out.

For Guardians living with Idealists, look for some common ground that you both enjoy. You'll find that you are more rooted in the past and Idealists are more rooted in the future. This difference needs to be recognized and appreciated. Otherwise, Idealists will see Guardians as too "stuck in the mud" and Guardians will be Idealists are too "head in the clouds."

For Artisans living with Idealists, you'll need to develop some patience with the Idealists' need to help you to grow and be the best that you can be. The Champions and Healers are more likely to enjoy your need for fun. The Teachers and Counselors can help you with staying on track to get assignments done on time.

For Idealists living with Idealists, your bonding will either be pretty close or be an irritant. It all depends on whether your key values are similar or in conflict. Also Idealists do not tend to clump together because they are catalysts for others. So be careful of trying to push each other into maximizing your potential because you might have differing visions.

For Rationals living with Idealists, you'll find that you both enjoy talking about things of the future. Rationals are more independent and pragmatic while Idealists want more togetherness and cooperation. Encourage your Idealist roommates to have other contacts so their social needs do not fall too heavily on you.


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