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Getting Along With Your Roommate
Part 4: Rational Roommates
By The College Advisor

Rational roommates can be interesting intellectual challenges to their roommates. They can range from being highly social to being extremely reclusive so tactics for successful living with Rationals can vary.

Rationals are constantly striving for personal competence, They use will power to push themselves to greater heights in whatever areas they deem important. All other areas will be discounted as being beneath their notice.

ENTJ Rational Fieldmarshals are take-charge people and enjoy life best when they have a group to lead toward an important objective. Not all roommates want to follow their lead. If there are no common interests for the roommates, the Fieldmarshal is likely to seek other companionship.

INTJ Rational Masterminds also have the spear-head determination of the Fieldmarshal, but they are more likely to keep to themselves and may or may not invite their roommate along on their quest. If their roommate has no interest in the Mastermind's obsession, they are likely to be ignored.

ENTP Rational Inventors like to play with both the world of ideas and the world of reality. They are champions of one-up verbal games and can be quite stimulating conversationalists. Some people see them as braggarts because of their free-wheeling imagination, but they are only testing possibilities and observing other's reactions. Roommates who need quiet may need to seek other locations to get away from their stimulating conversations.

INTP Rational Architects can be hard to get to know. They are a tremendous repository of facts and can never do a complete data dump. They can be interesting and witty as long as they get the privacy they need. Don't try to push Architects around to doing what you want. It doesn't work.

For Guardians living with Rationals, the biggest difference is your sense of time. Rationals seek eternal truths and scan eons of time while Guardians pay attention to what they know is real from the past. If the difference in perspective is understood, this combination of talents can make very good roommates.

For Artisans living with Rationals, you may get impatient with the Rational's need for constantly gaining new knowledge. However, when Rationals let loose, they can look a lot like Artisans and be a great deal of fun to play with. There are a few Rationals with no sense of humor and this can be a trial for an Artisan roommate.

For Idealists living with Rationals, you both have a penchant for future thinking, but Rationals are determined to develop in their own way, not in the way that their Idealist roommate may envision. Also Idealists tend to want closer and more personal bonding than Rationals. As long as you allow for these differences, this combination can work quite well.

For Rationals living with Rationals, you'll find your similar perspectives on time and gaining knowledge to be compatible. You both want respect for your intelligence and your competence. However, you may greatly differ on what you see as worthwhile areas. If you can find areas in which to respect each other, you'll enjoy the fact that both of you are very independent and pragmatic.


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