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Maximizing Your Study Environment
Pt.2: Artisans - What Study Area
By The College Advisor

Unlike Guardians who protect their study area, Artisans often don't have a particular area at all. They are likely to use their study area as a place to store everything needed, but they are unlikely to spend much time there. Their study area is likely to look very disorganized, but often the Artisan student can find anything within a few seconds.

Artisans are also likely to want to study while texting friends, listening to their ipods, and watching TV. Current research says that this kind of multi-tasking is very unproductive. However, there is a difference between trying to do many different things at one time and using music and physical activity as an aide to help learn. Many Artisans find they can't concentrate in complete silence.

Promoters (ESTP), like most Artisans, would generally rather be moving than sitting and studying. They also like study groups although these groups may have difficulty staying on task. Kristi needed to memorize a lot of facts. Every time she sat down to study, she felt herself falling asleep. She's in college on a volleyball scholarship. She took her notes to a volleyball court by herself. As she practiced, she attached a different set of facts to each move. When she took the test, she quietly mimicked the moves. She was surprised at how much she remembered.

Crafters (ISTP) generally like to study by themselves. They usually find it easier than other Artisans to sit and study. Tresena was having a hard time with chemistry. It seemed to require more intuitive thinking than she had. She learned to compensate by using her natural logical thinking. She developed a mental flow chart and was able to put every formula and theory in it.

Performers (ESFP) are social learners. Studying with others helps them concentrate. When they work by themselves, they are the most likely of the Artisans to need to be listening to music. Jill is really good at creating funny poetry using the facts. The more she has fun with the material, the more she remembers.

Composers (ISFP) often feel confined indoors. A good study area for them may be in a park, a garden, or on the beach. Sometimes they find doing a repetitive task as they study, such as weeding or currying a horse can help them remember the material. Adam is a ballet dancer. He choreographed what he needed to learn and then practiced the dance as he rehearsed what he needed to remember. During exams, he performs the dance in his head.


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