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Maximizing Your Study Environment
Pt.3: Idealists - Study Where The Heart Is
By The College Advisor

Idealists are the most variable in their needs for a study environment. However, one thing that can strongly affect their ability to study is the emotional temperature around them, even if it doesn't directly include them. Idealists find that a positive aura has a synergistic effect on their work output.

Healers (INFP) are the most sensitive to the underlying emotional current. If that current is negative and they can't fix it, they will find a way to withdraw. Brendan finds that he does his most creative work when he goes in his room, closes the door, and gets to work. For more typical grunt work, he tries to find a study partner for each class.

Counselors (INFJ), like Healers, often spend a fair amount of time studying alone. If their study area is cluttered, their brain feels cluttered. They like things organized but still visible. Taylor liked doing her calculus and economics homework with one or two study partners. She enjoyed predicting the correct method or answer, in part because she was right more often than her partners.

Teachers (ENFJ) are likely to enjoy being in study groups. However, they usually function as a tutor, learning as they help others. Crystal loves her biology study group. As she studies before meeting with the group, she works to predict what others students will have problems with. In doing this, she has found she can often figure out the professor's pet questions.

Champions (ENFP) need a study environment that is stimulating. They have a very difficult time working alone and quietly. They work best when their ideas bounce off someone else. Paul studied and studied for his psychology mid-term. It didn't seem to help. Then he went to a study session. As he started talking and getting feedback, he was amazed at how much he actually knew. He aced the exam.


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