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Maximizing Your Study Environment
Pt.4: Rationals - Brains and Technology
By The College Advisor

Rationals are often oblivious to the environment around them as they study. For them, a study area is wherever they can find resource materials and any needed technology. Sometimes the technology contains the resource materials as well, making a Rational with a wireless laptop a walking study area. Because of their amazing powers of concentration, some Rationals can study in the middle of a crowded cafeteria or during a cultural event.

Architects (INTP) are particularly adept at flexibility in terms of environment. Jack is able to whip out an hour long lecture on any of more than 100 different topics in under 2 minutes using his laptop. When he is studying, he is oblivious to anything else. He was in his dorm room deep in thought when the fire alarm rang. He didn't hear that, nor did he hear the Resident Assistant yelling at him to get out. He came out of his reverie when his roommate came back.

Masterminds (INTJ) care a bit more about their environment than Architects do, but once they are deep in a project, they can be even more concentrated and focused. The main thing a Mastermind wants is lots of uninterrupted time. They will skip meals, classes, even dates as they pursue the completion of a project. Daria often does her work in bed. As soon as she wakes up, she can get to work. She will wake up all hours of the night, work to finish a new part and then go back to sleep.

Inventors (ENTP), like most Rationals, can study by themselves. They also enjoy studying with others, particularly if the studying involves some lively debates. Jamilla chose to go to a university known for its laid-back attitude and great parties. She majored in electrical engineering. The juxtaposition of a difficult major in a party atmosphere is a common paradox for Inventors who seek high level mental stimulation along with experiential stimulation.

Fieldmarshals (ENTJ) are likely to spend most of their study time by themselves so they can accomplish it in the most efficient way possible. Of all the Rationals, Fieldmarshals tend to have the most need for an organized, quiet study area. Thom races against himself as he tries to improve his procedures. He has experimented with varying ways of doing assignments and is constantly fine tuning his approach. He only occasionally goes to study groups since he thinks they're usually time wasters.


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