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When Your Major Doesn't Fit You
By The College Advisor

Timing is a key element if you are concerned that the major you chose does not fit you.

If you are a freshman, you probably need to take various courses to see which ones you like the best. Be sure to try out various possibilities. Also check the career center for testing which can look at likes, dislikes, and important values.

If you are a sophomore, evaluate which classes you liked and which you didn't. See a college advisor to discuss your options. They may have some very good suggestions. Remember, they have dealt with many students and can help you evaluate your options.

If you are a junior, you may now run into some very challenging classes. For every student there are some classes which are required, but are not fun to take. If you are finding too many classes are like this, visit both the career center and advising center. Don't just sit and suffer. Also, see if you can change your curriculum by adding a minor so your class distribution is different.

If you are a senior, you are probably best off to finish the degree you started. Many companies hire people for positions that do not exactly fit the major of the applicant. Also see your advisor to see if you could declare a minor. Some people even add a summer session and/or an additional fall session to complete requirements so that their degree better fits what they want.

If you have graduated, but don't like the careers open to you, be sure to come back to visit the career center. Some people add a second bachelor's degree or go on to graduate school in a different field. Also look around for other job opportunities that could be more interesting.

Guardians may try to stick out a major to please the family and can see changing as disloyalty. It is worse to have an unsatisfying career which lasts many years. Phong, a Protector, did not like his accounting major, but graduated and then hated his job. He eventually went back to school for a teaching credential and teaches high school business courses.

Artisans may need to experiment to find a place that fits. Remember to choose a major where you will find freedom and action. Annie, a Performer, had enrolled in Computer Engineering, but enjoyed courses in Performance and Communication, so switched majors.

Idealists need to look at the money-earning potential of their career. Many will ignore this aspect and be dissatisfied later. If you can live on less and be happy, then money earned will be less of a concern. Derek, a Counselor, was attracted to Social Science, but found he needed a master's degree to be earning more money so he returned to school.

Rationals usually have developed a strong interest during high school. However, many do find that other areas can be even more fascinating when they are exposed to the college atmosphere. Be flexible. Charlotte, a Fieldmarshal, became the main breadwinner when her parents died and she was left to raise three younger siblings. She worked as a bus driver until she could enter college after her siblings finished. She had once thought of being an economist, but now chose the field of geographer/map maker using GPS systems.


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