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Ace Your Midterms
Pt.1: Study Pointers for Guardians
By The College Advisor

Guardians usually take school very seriously. Here's a few tips for each type of Guardian to help you do your best in your midterms.

Carlos, a Supervisor, complains that he didn't get as good a grade this last semester as he usually got in high school. He says the courses are a lot tougher. That's often the complaint of the freshman. Supervisors do best when they have a chance to study in groups. One Supervisor reports his group focused on one question, "What do you think will be on the test?" The group always identified at least 80% of the test questions. Supervisors do best when they take detailed notes with examples. It helps if they underline their texts for what is important and even copy out key definitions. Talking things over with others and putting them in their own words helps cement the concepts so they are remembered for the test.

Shaway, an Inspector, was concerned about taking a history class, since she liked numbers better than facts about people. She wanted to know the best way for Inspectors to study. Inspectors study best when they work in a quiet place. Too much noise of any kind usually hurts their ability to concentrate, and they become less efficient. If they don't think they understand something, they need to ask a friend or ask the teacher in the next class meeting. Most Inspectors find it useful to highlight or underline key elements in their texts and notes. The night before the test, they need to ask themselves, "What do I think will be on the test?" This helps them identify the things to study. Otherwise, they may try to cram too much information in their heads and exhaust themselves. Students who go to bed at a normal time usually do better than students who stay up late to study.

Jeannie, a Provider, was a junior who found upper division classes more interesting and more challenging as she got deeper into her major. She wondered if she could do even better in her classes since her GPA wasn't what she'd like it to be. Jeannie was a commuter student who lived at home. Her father insisted that she study in her room with no noise. Provider students do best if they do some studying with others and some alone. Provider students learn a lot from talking with others. They are more likely to discuss examples of the material when they are visiting with their friends. When Jeannie incorporated some studying with friends, her grades went up.

Sergei, a Protector, decided that he needed a system to help him organize his thinking. He already knew that he needed a quiet place to study. He designed a series of questions to help himself study for any test. He asked himself:

  • What is important to learn?
  • What did the teacher emphasize?
  • Are there specific items such as dates or definitions to learn?
  • What are some examples of how to use the material?
He asked himself these questions both at the beginning and at the end of the study period so he could see what he remembered and to see if anything was missing. His grades went up.

There is no perfect way to study that fits all types. This series of articles includes midterm studying tips for


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