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Ace Your Midterms
Pt.3: Study Pointers for Idealists
By The College Advisor

There's a wide variety of abilities in Idealists. They do best when they are in majors that fit their interests. They may need extra effort to study for midterms in fields where they feel uncomfortable.

To fulfill a liberal arts requirement, Elizabeth, an Idealist Teacher, decided to take an art appreciation course which conveniently fit with her schedule. She found the course quite difficult and sought advice on how to study. Teachers study more effectively when they have both social and quiet time. When they talk about the material with friends, the material takes on greater meaning. Studying alone allows for deep introspection. Both are needed by Teacher students. Before a test Teacher students need to take time to review their notes and mark items which are more likely to be on the test. They need to pay particular attention to the definition of key words or phrases. Teacher students can be too global and lack specifics. Knowing key definitions and being able to cite examples helps them have a thorough understanding of the concepts.

Stephen, a Counselor, liked to write, but was having trouble in English literature. His instructor wanted a great deal of details in his essays, and told Stephen he was not specific enough. How could he improve? Counselors may have some problems with memorization if the material they are being asked to memorize triggers original thinking. When this happens, they need to spend more time with the material and to talk the material out loud. They need to write down key points. Some use flash cards for definitions. For languages or other material which they will need to explain orally, they need to practice speaking the material to become proficient. Counselor students need to find a quiet place to study. While they can learn to study when surrounded by sound, they generally are able to concentrate better when their surroundings are quiet. Counselor students need periods of uninterrupted concentration and are likely to "give up" if they are interrupted too frequently.

Eddie, a Champion, was having problems in required math class. He needed help. Tips for Champions: Champion students do best when studying in groups. They remember the material better when they talk about it with others. Even when they study quietly, they want to have activity around them. Just having others in the room with them while they study can help. They may choose to study with music or the TV playing. Trying to sit still for too long does not work for them, so they should take breaks and move around. Since they are so original in their thinking, memorization may not come easily. If they both write and talk the material, they will find memorization easier. Whenever possible, they should highlight their books to show key concepts and phrases. They need to learn to be selective in using the highlighters and not mark too much. For math problems, they need to both write and talk the solutions.

Pauline, who was quite creative, majored in art and minored in music. She was having trouble with a required history course. She would read the material over and over, but it just didn't seem to stick. She asked what else she could do. Healers need to make the material their own through discussion or visualization, rather than just trying to absorb it through reading. They usually want to study where they won't be interrupted. Some Healer students want quiet while others want to listen to music. If a test is coming up, it can help to repeat the material out loud. Healers do best when the material becomes part of their own experience, not just something they tried to memorize. They can also phone friends to joke around or debate about the material.

There is no perfect way to study that fits all types. This series of articles includes midterm studying tips for


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