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Capitalizing on Your Intelligence Style
Part 2: Artisans' Tactical Intelligence
By The College Advisor

Who wants to be in a job that doesn't fit? No one, especially Artisans. Artisans have a natural intelligence in tactics - the ability to quickly perceive a situation, evaluate multiple options, and take action to get the desired result.

Promoters (ESTPs) have negotiator tactical intelligence. They are good at employing any and all resources in order to gain an objective. Their natural skills in negotiation help them gain the maximum advantage to meet their goals quickly. They are good at persuading others to jump on board to make things happen.

Rena majors in Business with a minor in Marketing Management. She says her favorite classes have an emphasis on sales. "I really love the give and take of promoting and making the deal. It's an exciting challenge and keeps me on my toes." If you're a Promoter, how does your major help develop your negotiator tactical intelligence?

Crafters (ISTPs) have "Seat of the Pants" tactical intelligence. They react quickly to changing circumstances and have fast reaction times. Their ability to quickly make a decision in pressure-filled situations can get themselves and those around them moving in a crisis. While they enjoy being laid back, they generally move into high gear faster than other personality styles.

Andrew majors in Computer Information Science with an emphasis on Telecommunication. He likes getting his hands in the machinery and connections. "I like figuring out problems, coming up with new ideas and solving issues when there is a time crunch. What a high!" If you're a Crafter, how does your major help develop your "Seat of the Pants" tactical intelligence?

Performers (ESFPs) have social tactical intelligence. They are easily friendly to others and like to keep the adrenaline up by taking advantage of any activities that keep themselves and others excited. Since they constantly scan the environment for anything new, they are the in-the-know about what's in and what's out. They prefer to be up-beat and like to keep themselves and those around them happy and amused so others are attracted to them.

Kitty majors in Communication. She's always had a gift for languages and is very interested in intercultural communication. "It's important that people understand the message that you are sending. I've always been good at watching for reactions and adapting. I have to learn a lot about getting the same level of success through written language." If you're a Performer, how does your major help develop social tactical intelligence?

Composers (ISFPs) have adaptive tactical intelligence. They are very in tune with their senses and notice sound, color, motion, and people reactions. They can quickly put their ideas together. Their adaptive tactical intelligence drives them to try different options until they settle upon the best.

Sean majors in Mechanical Engineering. He likes to draw and make adaptations to designs. "I can't believe how some people just want to make a design work but never pay attention to how it looks. I want things to be functional, efficient, and pleasing to the eye." If you're a Composer, how does your major help develop adaptive tactical intelligence?

Each of the other 3 temperaments also has a strongest intelligence suit:


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