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Capitalizing on Your Intelligence Style
Part 3: Idealists' Diplomatic Intelligence
By The College Advisor

Idealists want a dream job and the best matches fitting their type of intelligence and skills. Possessing natural diplomatic intelligence, they empathize with others, communicate in a global language that allows others to add their own meanings, and seek harmony with all.

Teachers (ENFJs) have teaming diplomatic intelligence. They actively demonstrate ways to work cooperatively with others. To help each person rise to his/her potential, they mentor and tutor. They want both the individual and the group to be successful.

Shyesha looks forward to her career as a high school teacher. "I grew up in the projects and people would come to me to settle arguments. I want to encourage students to make something of themselves and I think teaching is the best way for me to do that." If you're a Teacher, how does your major help develop your teaming diplomatic intelligence?

Counselors (INFJs) have guiding diplomatic intelligence. Counselors foresee what keeps others from being happy and successful and guide other to gain new skills to meet their goals. They prefer working one-on-one more than working with groups.

Paolo wants to get a Master's in Counseling. "My friends seek me out when they are in a bind. I try to help them. I see so many people causing trouble for themselves and I'd like to help, so I decided to go into counseling." If you're a Counselor, how does your major help develop your guiding diplomatic intelligence?

Champions (ENFPs) have inspirational diplomatic intelligence. Counselors use interactions with others to gain new insights and spot deeper issues for both individuals and groups. They use words to paint pictures to inspire others to meet new challenges and go beyond that which is easy.

Kirby has been studying Kinesiology and Health Promotion. He'd like to travel to Third World Countries to improve health conditions. "I hate to see people suffering because of poor sanitation and ignorance about healthy ways of living. When I graduate, I'll be associated with a missionary group that provides medical assistance and health information." If you're a Champion, how does your major help develop inspirational diplomatic intelligence?

Healers (INFPs) have mediating diplomatic intelligence. Healers see all sides of issues and seek their own inner truth to create unique solutions to problems. Since they are hypersensitive to conflict, it is in their own best interest to seek solutions that others can accept.

Teresa has an interdisciplinary major combining psychology, sociology and criminal justice. "I come from a long line of cops. Right now I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to apply my major, but I think I'd like to be a profiler. I seem to be able to get into other people's head and think from a lot of different perspectives. I'd like to help catch criminals - particularly those who torture and rape." If you're a Healer, how does your major help develop mediating diplomatic intelligence?

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