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Capitalizing on Your Intelligence Style
Part 4: Rationals' Strategic Intelligence
By The College Advisor

Rationals are driven to seek "the truth" and scan both backward and forward in time. The best careers for them capitalize on this long-ranging perspective. Rationals have natural strategic intelligence. They naturally construct visions of the future and generate a multitude of ideas and possibilities for actions to make those visions come true.

Fieldmarshals (ENTJs) have strategic leading intelligence. They push toward their visionary objectives and discard elements that do not lead toward the goal. People tend to follow them because they exude a sense of surety about their decisions.

Miguel majors in Business Management. He wants to go into international business. "I've seen businesses that failed both their customers and their employees by simply being greedy at the top. For me the principles of capitalism bring success to the many and not just the few. I'll never be an Enron leader." If you're a Fieldmarshal, how does your major help develop your strategic leading intelligence?

Masterminds (INTJs) have strategic planning intelligence. They gather multiple ideas and elements in a system and use them as flexible building blocks to create their vision of a new product.

Mina majors in Computer Science. She prefers the complex to the simple. "I like the challenge of working with multiple facets to create something new. While I have an objective in mind, I can sometimes move off the straight-forward line to follow a rabbit trail which might lead to a new break-through. Then I'll come back to my objective which is usually slightly revised." If you're a Mastermind, how does your major help develop your strategic planning intelligence?

Inventors (ENTPs) have strategic imagining intelligence. Inventors are both solo artists and group members. They need the group for feedback and they fly solo to reach new heights of ideas for creating new products or new visions. While not all of their ideas may be practical at the time of their envisioning, they have the most sense of satisfaction when some ideas become concrete and are used by others.

Randy is majoring in Engineering and is especially attracted to Energy Engineering because he sees the nation as having strong needs in this arena. "I'm not interested in doing something tried-and-true. I want a challenge. I would have loved to be Orville Wright or Thomas Edison. I hope to bring new ideas into energy engineering." If you're an Inventor, how does your major help develop strategic imagining intelligence?

Architects (INTPs) have strategic expert intelligence. Architects can't help becoming known as experts. Their minds are huge filing cabinets filled with information about the subjects that attract their interest.

Jeneka's parents were anthropologists and she has chosen the same field. "Some students choose very different fields from their parents, but I've always found physical anthropology fascinating. I have spent a lot of time in the field and have a great deal of patience. Other students come to me for answers. I prefer when they ask focused questions, because I know so much that I can't simply give them a complete data dump." If you're an Architect, how does your major help develop strategic expert intelligence?

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