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Failing Classes
Inability? Circumstances? Laziness?
By The College Advisor

Failing a class is never fun and it certainly damages one's grade point average. It's also hard on the ego.

It's important to assess why you failed the class, then take steps to avoid a repeat of the problem. Here are some reasons that students have failed classes with suggestions for improving the situation.

Class was too hard: If the class is required, the student can arrange for tutoring when they retake the class. If the class is not required, the students needs to talk to an academic counselor to learn the consequences of never re-taking the class.

Couldn't make it to class: People sometimes miss early morning classes if they have partied too much or have a hard time waking up. They need to avoid scheduling early morning classes. Others get sick and miss class. They should talk to their professors on how to get back on track. Sometimes personal issues intervene and again professors should be consulted on how to get up to date. Sometimes employers scheduled work the same time as class. If the employer won't respect a school schedule, the student needs to look for a new employer.

Didn't do the class work: Sometimes the reason is overload - the student is overscheduled with classes and work. Next term's schedule needs to be lighter. Some students spend too much time socializing and don't get the work done. Next term they need to join study groups or otherwise set aside time to do work.

Got depressed: In terms of self-development, college students are busy creating their own sense of identity. The loss of a romantic interest, the criticism of a parent, being bullied or mistreated are all potential causes of falling into a depressive or even manic state. Any type can get depressed, although each type will experience the depression differently. Guardians will see things as dark and hopeless and feel overwhelmed. Artisans will see life as blah and unexciting and experience lack of energy; sometimes they will lash out in anger. Idealists will become fearful of the future and either have paralyzing fantasies or act out frenetically in a negative way. Rationals will become obsessed with thoughts of incompetence and get caught in logic loops and/or engage in repetitive actions. Students experiencing these symptoms need to see a college counselor and tell them about their thoughts, their feelings, and their actions.

The sooner the person gets help, the better. Colleges have counselors just because they realize that students may need temporary assistance. Situations that might be handled more easily in a normal day-to-day environment can loom much larger in the pressure-filled college environment. If you or anyone you know is hurting, be sure to take advantage of counseling. Getting help now can prevent a lot of life-long grief.


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