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Is Grad School For You?
By The College Advisor

Near the end of your junior year and the beginning of your senior year is the perfect time to investigate grad schools. Your local book store should have a number of books that give you basic information about grad schools so you can find what programs are available, where they are located, and their cost. There are also helpful books which pinpoint specific types of schools, such as getting into law school or clinical psychology. The more competitive a field and the more difficult it is to get into a particular school, the more you may need these how-to books.

Visiting a particular school has more value than just reading about it. You'll get a sense of the campus, the people, and can ask more about the curriculum and benefit of attending that particular school.

What types go to grad school? Many people assume that Rationals will want to go to grad school while Artisans will not. However, not all Rationals want to go to grad school and Artisans may crave the advantages grad school may provide. Here are some examples:

Some majors require more than just 4 years of study. Sociology, psychology, and education fit this description. These are popular courses of study for Idealists, Artisan Performers and Composers, and Guardian Providers and Protectors. Says Fidel, "I'm an Idealist Champion and I find that many immigrant Hispanics have trouble navigating the American system. I chose sociology for my field to help my people. I'm looking forward to grad school to hone my skills."

Engineering is often satisfied with just an undergraduate degree, but science usually requires advanced degrees. These majors tend to attract the Rationals, the Artisan Crafters, the Guardian Supervisors and Inspectors. Says Donella, "I'm a Rational Inventor and I'm considering a Masters in Engineering because I've been able to work on a project involving prostheses for injured war vets. The Masters will give me more opportunities and help with funding sources."

Those most likely to find the Masters of Business Administration attractive are the Rational Fieldmarshal and Mastermind, and the Guardian Supervisor and Inspector. Many other types are also attracted to this degree. Says Joshua, "I'm a Guardian Inspector. I've zeroed in on auditing as my preferred field. Having a Masters degree will increase the probability that I will eventually have a management position."

Law degrees attract the verbal types that like to persuade, such as the Artisan Promoter and Performer, the Guardian Supervisor and Provider, the Rational Fieldmarshal and Inventor, and the Idealist Teacher and Champion. The more introverted forms of each group usually prefer the investigative and analytic aspects of law. While those scoring T are more likely to go into law than those scoring F, the F's tend to head toward groups working with social causes. Says Janet, "I'm an Artisan Performer. I love speech and debate. I have cops in my family, but that type of job is not for me. With law, I can still participate in the justice system. I can't wait until I can argue in mock trials."

The field of medicine has been expanding and more doctors are needed. Medical school is still difficult to enter. Like law school, many different types are attracted to this field. Says Keith, "As an Idealist Healer, I want to be a primary care osteopath. I chose osteopathy because it is more open to hands-on care and alternative approaches for healing." Says Kimberly, "I loved biology and being able to see how parts fit together. I'm good with my hands and precision work. I'm an Artisan Crafter and I hope to train as a surgeon."

If you're considering going to grad school, investigation will help you decide if this is the right choice for you.


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