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The World of Sports as a Career
Part 1: Introduction
By The College Advisor

Many personality styles are attracted to the world of sports. Most people think first of athletes and coaches, but there are also referees, umpires, broadcasters, marketing specialists, agents, equipment managers, sports psychologists, trainers and many more positions. Sports is a business that needs its managers, accountants and statisticians.

Sports is based upon competition and openings in the field are generally competitive. Educational advantage and internships often open the door to sports positions. For instance, if you want to be in sports PR, get a degree in journalism and apply for internships to get connections. Also attend social networking events held by organizations such as the National Sports Marketing Network. Do informational interviews with people in the field. If you want to be a sports agent, a master's degree in sports management or a business degree can help.

For those interested in becoming an athlete, coach or umpire (, the Occupational Outlook handbook cautions that very few make a full-time living as professional athletes, but that there are many opportunities for at least part-time work as a coach, instructor, referee, or umpire in amateur athletics or in high school, college, or university sports.

For news analysts, reporters and correspondents (, opportunities are more numerous in the smaller markets, rather than in the more crowded urban areas. For athletic trainers (, employment is expected to grow much faster than average. The job outlook is also good for fitness trainers ( and physical therapists (

To break into the field of sports, you need to make connections. Sports networking opportunities are listed at ( It is important that others learn who you are and what you can do.

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