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The World of Sports as a Career
Part 2: Idealists and Rationals
By The College Advisor

Idealists in Sports

  • Idealist Teachers tend to move toward the business, sales, news media and the coaching area of sports. As athletes they are team leaders, conciliators and well-liked. Passionate hustlers, they need to control their energy, enthusiasm and anxiety when playing.

  • Idealist Counselors tend to move toward journalism, therapy, counseling and medicine. They are the least likely of all types to become professional athletes, but more likely to write about sports. They are able to develop body harmony and skill if encouraged to develop motor skills as early as possible.

  • Idealist Champions tend to move toward journalism, sales, customer relations, and sports psychology. As athletes they are energetic acrobats and great visualizers with a high threshold for pain. They need encouragement and help to regulate their emotions and energy.

  • Idealist Healers are often drawn to sports medicine or physical therapy. As athletes, they are the smoothly coordinated, quick and passionate. They do best as athletes when started young and given praise. They need to learn to be less self critical and to relax.

Rationals in Sports

  • Rational Fieldmarshals tend to be drawn to any arena where they can show leadership abilities, whether this is in management, sales, financial planning or coaching. As athletes, their strength in abstraction and logic can help them outwit their opponents. The younger they begin both mental and physical training, the better.

  • Rational Masterminds are the masters of analysis, and are often found in business, law, management, and coaching. They methodically build up their skills and mastery in any occupation they choose. Their motor skills have a strong connection to their analytic thinking, so they need to start young with physical movement to effectively integrate this connection. They need to learn to keep their thoughts and tensions in control.

  • Rational Inventors love adventure and change and are drawn to entrepreneurial aspects of sports or areas to drive the team to new accomplishments such as coaching, ownership or strategic planning. As athletes, they are found in a wide variety of sports and are often known for their zany antics and complex game plans. They learn best when having fun, rather than through precise drilling of techniques.

  • Rational Architects are drawn to intellectual pursuits such as mathematics, physics, and strategic planning which they can apply to sports. As athletes, they are constantly analyzing, categorizing, and visualizing future contingencies. They gravitate toward individual sports where they compete against their own goals.

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