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Men and Romance
Part 1: Guardian Men
By Dr. Lovegood

Guardian lovers have a tendency of coming across as boring. The true gold of their love is often well hidden behind ordinary daily acts of caring and sacrifice. Guardian lovers are likely to be stable, dependable, and predictable. Carrie's Guardian husband died of cancer. He had almost never said he loved her. After he was gone, she discovered that he had spent those last months putting their finances in order so that she and their young girls would never have to worry. She finally realized that taking care of her was his way of showing his love.

Guardian lovers usually have a set of high standards of behavior for themselves and often for their loved ones too. If they have been trained or have taught themselves how, they are generally very good at remembering and appropriately commemorating anniversaries, romantic milestones, birthdays, and holidays.

Gary is a Supervisor (ESTJ) Guardian. He is proud of the fact that he earns enough money so his wife can stay home with their three children. However, he used to be very critical of his wife's housekeeping, wanting to come home to a restful castle. Then he had to take care of the kids for a week while she was gone. He'd had no idea how difficult her job really was. It was a relief to be able to go back to work, and his criticism dropped sharply.

Alex is an Inspector (ISTJ) Guardian. He is nearing 30 and is unmarried. He has been too busy getting his career in order to think much about women. He has never dated much because he's very shy and not particularly popular with the ladies even though he's tall and handsome. He views dating as only a means of finding a mate. Now it's hard for him to find suitable women. However, his cousin recently set him up on a blind date. He's fallen for her head over heels. She's flattered by the attention but is taking things much more slowly.

James is a Provider (ESFJ) Guardian. He and his girlfriend met in their senior year of high school and have been dating ever since. They plan to marry once they have graduated from college. James is constantly showering his girlfriend with small gifts, notes, cards, and back and neck massages. Last year, she was drifting away from him, seeming to be more drawn to the strong silent bad boy types. Strangely enough, that problem disappeared once they began playing tennis together. James is a good player and can easily beat her. Now they're playing doubles and having a lot of fun.

George is a Protector (ISFJ) Guardian. Because he is so loyal, his biggest problem has been hanging on to relationships long after they are dead. He has felt that he has done all of the sacrificing and most of the work, and this has angered him. He's been assertive at work, but in love he has tended to let his partners take advantage of him. Now he's clearly stating his expectations and hopes. His relationship with his current girlfriend is based on mutual giving and respect. She really appreciates his being hardworking, kind, and faithful.

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