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Finding Your Passion or What Makes a Job Right for You?
Artisans - Finding Freedom and Action

In this five-part series, we're examining each personality type and job fit. While Artisans might not consciously substitute the words "Finding Freedom and Action" for the Baby Boomer phrase, "Finding Your Passion," these are driving forces behind an Artisan's need to find life satisfaction.

Artisans are usually pretty independent. However, some do seek leadership positions. The two most likely Artisans to seek leadership are the Promoter (ESTP) and the Performer (ESFP). In fact, the book Presidential Temperament by Ray Choinierre and David Keirsey (1992) names Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton as Artisans. The Promoter is a tougher negotiator than the Performer who manages with a great deal of charm.

The Promoter is drawn to action careers such as paramedic, military personnel, police officer, and pilot. Some have a fascination with finance and can become financial advisors or stockbrokers. They are also good in sales positions and love the competition for prizes. Some may become news reporters, sportscasters, auctioneers, fitness instructors, or skilled tradesmen. Says Roger, "I like meeting new people and negotiating the deal on a new car. I like the change of pace - some days fast and some laid-back."

The Performer, like the Promoter, can also be good in sales, sports, or entertainment. They usually spend a little more time with the customer than the Promoter and enjoy the conversation so much that they sometimes have to be reminded to close the sale. They may find careers in the entertainment industry as a performer, promoter, or musician. In business they can be a PR specialist, a fund-raiser, or a labor relations mediator. Says Brigitta, an emergency room nurse, "Some people might find my job too stressful, but I like having to act fast. I'm good at calming people down while I'm dealing with their medical problems. Every day is different."

Probably the most independent type of Artisan is the Crafter (ISTP). This personality type has the fastest eye-hand coordination of all the types so it is common to see them using this skill. They may run their own business as a chiropractor or optometrist. They may be a computer programmer or technician. Any of the action jobs such as pilot, race car driver, marshal, intelligence agent may appeal to them. They may use their analytical skills to become a banker, purchasing agent, or securities analyst. In construction, they can be found in all of the trades. Says Bianca, "My dad was a marble mason. The pay was good. The guys said I couldn't hack it and gave me a hard time. But I've got a real feel for how the marble should match up. I got my union card!"

The most difficult to pigeonhole is the Composer (ISFP). They are driven by their values and usually have a strong aesthetic sense. If they have a driving force to do good, you may find them in medical or veterinary occupations or in social services or education. If they need to express their artistic talents, they may be a painter, a potter, a jeweler, a fashion designer, a carpenter, or a chef. Some are called to more technical occupations such as surveyor, botanist, or chemist. Still others are in the service industry as wait-people, beauticians, or retail clerks. Some do a variety of clerical services and may be bookkeepers or legal secretaries. Says Lorenzo, "Being a chef is more than making a good meal. The taste, aroma and presentation of the food must be perfect - like creating a great symphony."

Having a life of action and freedom is what makes an Artisan tick and gives them a sense of being alive.

People want to have a life that gives them a sense of personal satisfaction. Here are links for the other three temperaments:

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