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The Career Planning Process - Current Situation and Dreams

The traditional starting place in Career Planning is WHO AM I? but what can sometimes be ignored is WHAT IS MY CURRENT SITUATION? and WHAT ARE MY DREAMS?

Key elements in your CURRENT SITUATION may be your location, the job opportunities in your local market or within the company where you are employed, your family situation, your financial situation, your physical health. It can be useful to jot down things working in your favor and things that can hold you back. Here's a sample:

  Pro Con
Location City- big population needing healthcare  
Job Market Need for nurses  
Company   Hospital in financial trouble
Family Situation   Single mom, 2kids

Pressure on time & money

Financial Situation Opportunity for overtime Rent costs rising; little savings
Physical Health Self & 1 daughter - good 1 Daughter has asthma

Irina, a Guardian Provider single mom, may need to rethink her loyalty to a hospital that is in financial trouble and at least investigate other nursing possibilities in her city. If she has already started her investigation, she may prevent herself from being in financial need if the hospital closes down and she gets laid off. She may even decide to move on before the possible closure hits.

Many people have DREAMS about a great career, but take no steps to make the dreams come true so the dreams remain a fantasy. Do you really want to do what it would take to make your dream a reality? Are you willing to figure out what steps you need to take to make the dream come true?

Making a dream come true takes a lot more than just creating a great resume. The first step is talking to someone else in the field. Nathan, a Rational Fieldmarshal, has been working as a theater manager and working on a B.A. in Business. With a group of friends he has created short films and has a website for his films. He has also entered his work in 48-hour film festivals where a new film is created and shown within 48 hours. Now he's thinking of going to film school, but lives 1,000 miles away from the nearest university that offers this option. His next step will be to visit various schools to see if they are a good fit. He already knows that some of the schools where he might attend have different philosophies. He wants the freedom to express his own visions and not have to conform too tightly to a professor's restrictions. He knows that some schools emphasize making commercially viable films and others emphasize artistic merit. He needs to talk not only to university people, but to successful people in the business to determine his next steps. Nathan will decide whether or not the reality of having a film-making career fits with his dream vision.

Paula, an Idealist Champion, has always wanted to be a singer. She has entered some local talent shows, but the number of songs she sings is limited and her exposure is low. She dreams about the great costumes she will wear and the adulation she will receive, but isn't taking much action to make her dream come true. Her dream is best thought of as a fantasy.

Some people say they have no dreams about what they want to be. They are best at grabbing opportunities that are presented to them or going into a field that is familiar to them. These are the people who are best helped by the next step in the process called WHO AM I?


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