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The Career Planning Process - Evaluating Options and Making Choices

First we looked at your Current Situation and Your Dreams. Next we examined the question of Who Am I?, then What Are My Options? In this article we'll talk about Evaluating Options and Making Choices.

You've identified 3-5 options to investigate. Now that you've done the investigation, how do you decide what bests matches your style and needs? To do this, create a matrix.

Michael was tired of his low paying job at a fast food place, so he looked at options and created this matrix.

  Try for Manager Train to be Male Nurse Increase # of Gigs
Advantages Pay better Better pay

Like helping people

Fun playing music

Like the creativity

Disadvantages Hard to keep enough staff

No opening at this site

Don’t love the work

Lots of schooling Unpredictable $

With this list, he decided that trying for manager would not really satisfy him. He needed to find out more about the other two options.

What are you missing in order to achieve the option? Michael saw that he would need to start schooling soon if nursing was his objective. He wanted to become an RN. He learned that he could attend a two-years college program, work with a hospital for a three year diploma, or get a bachelor's of science in nursing for a four year diploma. He also talked to people who were in the music industry and learned that his band needed to get a demo tape plus get some music on the internet. They would need to be much more assertive about getting more gigs.

What are you willing and able to do to actualize the option? Michael talked with his band members. Most wanted to keep playing, but few wanted to put in the effort that it would take to really make money in the field. Michael could see that if this was the route he wanted to take, he would have to do most of the work. Did he really want to be a musician that badly? He learned that the local two year nursing program was impacted and that he would have to take Freshman English, Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology before he could be considered for the nursing program. Michael decided to hedge his bets. He could start taking a few college courses and push the band at the same time. That way he would learn which option seemed more possible and attractive.

What type of personality is Michael? He is an Artisan Performer. You can see why he might be attracted by the performing aspect of being a musician. He also is drawn to helping people. He's a very positive young man with lots of energy and he's very friendly. Either career could work for him. Much will depend upon what opportunities present themselves to him. He needs to be where the action is. He needs social contact and variety, fun, and spontaneity. He is likely to be skilled a motivating others and could be a good sparkplug for his band. Michael is not just accepting what is in front of him, he's coming up with options, seeing how they fit him and then considering what he would need to do to make one of these careers an effective reality for him. Only time will tell which direction Michael will take.


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