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George Washington - Guardian Supervisor (ESTJ) Mother Teresa - Guardian Protector (ISFJ) Albert Einstein - Rational Architect (INTP) Margaret Thatcher - Rational Fieldmarshal (ENTJ) Mikhail Gorbachev - Idealist Teacher (ENFJ) Eleanor Roosevelt - Idealist Counselor (INFJ) Elvis Presley - Artisan Performer (ESFP) Jacqueline Onasis - Artisan Composer (ISFP) Dolley Madison - Guardian Provider (ESFJ) Queen Victoria - Guardian Inspector (ISTJ) Walt Disney - Rational Inventor (ENTP) Dwight David Eisenhower - Rational Mastermind (INTJ) Thomas Paine - Idealist Champion (ENFP) Princess Diana - Idealist Healer (INFP) Charles Lindberg - Artisan Crafter (ISTP) George S. Patton - Artisan Promoter (ESTP)
Personality Test

Volume Three: The Idealist

Want your relationship to be more spiritual?
Sons and Lovers can help you understand the
limits of soulfulness

Wish you might always feel you're falling in love?
Family Happiness shows you the way to a more
meaningful intimacy

Intend to make your love one live more ethically?
Jane Eyre helps you appreciate the virtues of a more
pragmatic mate

Believe your spouse should be more self-aware?
Howards End counsels you to value
authentic human differences

... read how the intense, enthusiatic, highly intuitive Idealists search for ideal love, longing to find the one perfect "soul mate" with whom they can share their inner lives. But also learn about their mastery of the Pygmalion Project Project, as they bring all the power of their imaginations to bear on developing and deepening the significant people in their lives.

"The authors I have discussed in this volume portray the Idealist's search for the perfected life -- and the perfected mate -- with extraordinary insight and sympathy." -- Dr. Stephen Montgomery

Volume Three features portraits of four Idealist (NF) types:

The Monastic --
"Yes, that's right... love should come before logic ... Only then will man come to understand the meaning of life." -- Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Advocate --
"I was frighten and disappointed: [the wedding] was over, but nothing extraordinary, nothing worthy of the Sacrament I had just recieved, had taken place in myself. 'Is that all?' I thought." -- Leo Tolstoy

The Counselor --
"I believed he was naturally a man of better tendencies, higher principles, and purer tastes than such as circumstances had developed... I thought there were excellent materials in him." -- Charlotte Bronte

The Teacher --
"She might yet be able to help him to the building of the rainbow bridge that should connect the prose in us with the passion." -- E.M. Forster

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