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Keirsey® Conferences and Keynote presentations are designed to help you leverage your organization’s greatest asset, your people. We deliver presentations and conferences worldwide across a wide spectrum of business, education, non-profit, and governmental organizations. Through our keynote presentations and full length conferences, we provide organizations with far more than just great motivational speeches. We work with our sponsors to ensure that strategic organization-wide events become far more than just a day of inspiration. We partner with you to ensure that "after the event," your people are enabled to achieve peak performance on a day-to-day basis in a sustainable way.


We are committed to understanding your vision, and we connect our deliverables to your most important objectives. Our speakers are insightful, dynamic, and compelling -- resulting in an unforgettable, transformational experience. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large multi-national organization, our mission is to help you create a culture where individual members can synergistically contribute their best talents, leading to innovation, creativity, and distinctive performance results. Engaging Keirsey for your company-wide event promises to be a paradigm shifting experience. Your people will never see themselves -- or their colleagues -- through the same lenses ever again.

To invite Keirsey for your next company-wide event, please complete a contact form. We look forward to serving your enterprise to achieve success.

“It has made me rethink on how I approach fellow workers with my presentation of ideas or concepts. This was great for me because if you are looking to improve yourself, you must know yourself. The conference enabled me to see not only myself, but how others see me and how I see them. With this information, it has empowered me not only to manage myself affectively, but others as well. [The presenter] was a great speaker who kept my attention for the whole presentation. I would rank this as the best conference yet... This was time well spent.”


“...helped me understand some of the differences in how we, as different types, communicate and respond to input from others. It has made me more aware of areas of both strength and weakness. I would say that the services you provide are very thought-provoking and useful. I’m looking forward to the follow up exercises that may be led by our folks who were recently trained by Keirsey. This year’s conference is one of the top two I have attended. (I have attended 4). The speaker was very good, plus gracious enough to answer questions even on break. People are still discussing things they heard at the conference, and I think we will use this knowledge going forward.”


“I learned how my team members and Supervisor perceive their environment, and how to deal effectively with them. I learned why my wife gets so bent out of shape about things, and how to help her calm down when she gets upset. This is the first conference dealing with human behavior. I thought this was the best conference we have had.”


“I would rate this year’s session as our best yet. Previous Leadership Conferences have focused on skills like facilitation and negotiation, or concepts like change management and organizational learning. Each was interesting and useful, but none have proven to be so immediately applicable and important as this year’s. Thanks again for a wonderful event...”


“I feel I have a better understanding of how to work with my colleagues in general (since 70% of us are Guardians) and a better idea on what works/doesn't work with specific individuals. For a few people, understanding just the high level category they’re in sparked a big "Ah-HA!" and helped me understand what I've seen of their behavior. I understood a bit of the dynamics of a few friends. I have one friend who is a "grand ideas" person, but who doesn't do well at implementing those ideas. Another friend and I are great at that. I'll bet the latter is a Guardian like I am. The pre-work for the conference was engaging. I've been discussing my thoughts on my temperament and others with colleagues for a couple of weeks. The conference itself was interesting, well-paced, and informative. During breaks, at lunch, after the conference we're still talking about what we learned and how to use the information. That, to me, is time/effort/money well spent.”

“Professionally, it has helped tremendously in working with my Admin. Team. It will help with development plans and in knowing the learning style of each person, how they respond under stress and how they interact to others. This was most a enlightening experience – made me look at myself and at others, my interactions and explains some of the challenges I have had in life. It was well worth taking the test and spending a day at the Conference... The best thing is that the information pertained to me – it was personal and how I can interact better with others. I will use the information I learned most likely throughout the remainder of my life... ”

“It has helped me better understand how my co-workers are wired, what makes them tick, what they strive for, what is difficult for them to deal with, and it has been helpful for us to share with each other what our temperaments are. It has helped me understand myself a little better, and gives a little more insight into how I am wired.”

“The conference made me more aware of the fact that people are different and I can't expect those around me to react, communicate, and understand things exactly the same way I do. I would recommend Keirsey to others. I would explain the importance of understanding that people are different and how that can improve communication and overall team performance. I've attended four leadership conferences and this was by far the best one. Not only was the information covered very interesting and applicable, the speaker had a warm and welcoming presence. That was important to me.”

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